General Meeting Summary 6/20/19

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  • Details on each item below. Next step will be to implement the edits, circulate for additional comments from the collaboration, and then send to the ERR Committee


  • Charge 1
  • Define magnet angle, numerical values should be 5.5 degrees for all settings except for NPS angle 6.3 deg where magnet angle is 4.0 degrees
  • Calorimeter distance is 1.6 m for all SHMS right settings
  • Charge 2
  • (a) Include the table of magnet operating parameters that Steven L. and his group prepared
  • (b) Point out that radiation hardness tests of dividers have been performed during Qweak experiment. Doses were monitored with radiation badges, dividers were monitored with LEDs for any performance degradation
  • Charge 3
  • Start with "There will be no threshold for individual module. Only a threshold on 2x2 or 3x3 clusters will be set. Modules belonging to a cluster above threshold will be read regardless of their energy." This is standard procedure for Hall A and different from Hall B. New firmware is being prepared for this.
  • Charge 4
  • "...remaining 10 kG-cm will be mitigated.."
  • Note that similar to SHMS there will be test plans with accelerator when going to small angles
  • Charge 5
  • Add names to all tasks
  • Charge 7
  • Add note under comment that simulations have been performed as early as 2012 and were checked with Pavel D. from the RadCon department
  • Add radiation doses at the electronics are being studied at IPNO. Preliminary results indicate that doses are considerably smaller than at the crystals.
  • For technical details on Geant4/Radcon comparison check with Gabriel Niculescu who did similar studies for the Compact Photon Source
  • NPS collaboration is in contact with Lorenzo Zana for completing simulations including the radiator used in WACS


  • Magnet: OSP draft has been sent to Bogdan for review
  • Frame: in-person meeting with IPN-Orsay team in week 24 June, likely Tuesday morning
  • HV dividers: update next time
  • NPS Layout: discussion about iron pipe - the idea is to make a sleeve, should be outside minimum angle. Steven L. and team have made preliminary layout and will meet with Bogdan/Rolf for further discussion
  • Crystals: Blocks have been coming in from CRYTUR and are being inspected. No rejections so far. Concerns about availability of raw materials will be discussed this month with the vendor and Giessen U.