General Meeting Summary 8/1/13

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  • Parts of design:
  • Revised magnet design. For the smallest NPS angles magnet design will discuss with Paul Brindza second half of August
  • Design of temperature-controlled frame
  • Stand and possible motion system for the NPS PbWO4 detector to move the detector position longitudinally. May be able to re-use existing Thomson slides. Need to take into account routing of cables
  • Cantelevered supports for the small-angle side
  • New beam pipe design
  • Piece between detector and exit
  • Design envisioned timeline: concept design work second half of August, initial layout in October, and more details towards end of the year
  • Required information for design work:
  • Angles and distances for PbWO4 detector needed in experiments, e.g., for DVCS need to check acceptance matching for short distance settings
  • Would be good to send this information to Rolf before next meeting (week of 19 August)
  • Some discussion about magnet strength 0.3 Tm


  • Discussion about initial comments from NSF on MRI submission. In general, "small" proposals that are evaluated within the physics division have a total cost of up to $1Mio. For further discussion and guidance on submission as either "small" or "large" proposal need to provide a few scenarios. For this need to get a budgetary quotes for PbWO4
  • If scale from DVCS/Hall A PbF2 then unit price for PbWO4 would be $800/crystal, but price could depend a lot on the market
  • Possible PbWO4 vendors/contacts:
  • DVCS/Hall A PbF2 crystals came from SICCAS/China - this company produced part of the PbWO4 for CMS
  • BTCP/Russia, the company that produced bulk of the CMS PbWO4 crystals seems to be out of business
  • Hamlet is working on alternative contacts with Russian companies
  • Japanese company JFCC cannot produce PbWO4, but offered to find another company that can. They need information on relative composition of Pb and WO4 for that
  • GSI may be buying PbWO4 - worth checking with them about their plans and preferred vendors
  • CERN may have some crystals left from CMS, but it is not clear if their quality will be suitable for NPS
  • For any new company need to define quality control criteria that can be used to check/reject crystals, e.g., geometry, transparency, surface properties
  • MRI deadline: 23 January 2014
  • Some discussion about internal competition history at ODU, OU, and CUA for submission strategy
  • PbWO4 references:
  • P. Adzic et al., "Radiation Hardness qualification of PbWO4 scintillation crystals for the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter", CMS Note 2009/016
  • A.A. Annenkov et al., "Lead Tungstate scintillation material", NIM A 490 (2002) 30-50
  • P. Yang et al., "Growth of large-size crystal of PbWO4 by vertical Brigdman method with multi-crucibles
  • R. W. Novotny, "The Electromagnetic Calorimetry of the PANDA Detector at FAIR", J. Phys. Conf. Serv. 404 012063 (2012)


  • Discussion about date of the next NPS collaboration meeting and format
  • One option could be to have the meeting in connection with the Hall A collaboration meeting in December, but many meetings that month and close to MRI due date
  • Another option could be a standalone meeting and perhaps earlier, e.g., in the second half of November


  • Rafael will talk about physics with NPS and specifically the recently approved DVCS proposal.
  • Vardan will talk about NPS
  • Rafael presents the initial draft of his talk. He will send an updated version for comments by email.


  • NPS design - please send information on detector angles and distances to Rolf before the meeting
  • Budgetary quotes for PbWO4
  • Continue discussion of NPS project funding strategies
  • Next collaboration meeting