General Meeting Summary 9/30/21

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PARTICIPANTS: Aaron Brown, Alexandre Camsonne, Arshak Asaturyan, Fernando Barbosa, Brad Sawatzky, Carlos Munoz-Camacho, Charles Hyde, Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Julie Roche, Marie Boer, Paulo Medeiros, Emmanuel Rindel, Rolf Ent, Stephen Wood, Vardan Tadevosyan, Vladimir Berdnikov, Tanja Horn

HV DIVIDERS (Fernando)

  • Final tests performed, e.g. to check the baseline noise
  • noise was dominantly from darkbox - will verify with additional tests on a different dard box, but no showstopper anticipated
  • Next steps progress correlated with low voltage cabling - need to add a connector to PCB, so need final decisions on that



  • Several different options for cabling investigated and evaluated
  • Final decision: Add additional connector to PCB and add flat cables
  • Two options for the connector: pin (six pin) connector or surface mount - have identified a pin connector, but not surface mount
  • Action items:
  • review connectors and identify a surface mount connector, if none available proceed with the pin connector
  • proceed with adding the connector to the PCB


  • Motivation for additional grounding: noise reduction
  • Electrical grounding - already have good grounding between mu metal and PMT block
  • Options for adding additional grounding between mu metal tube and aluminum block PMT support
  • picoflex connector with pins (can be disconnected)
  • solder pad (permanent)
  • Discussion of the grounding connectors
  • Pin solution may allow for making decision later if want to use additional grounding or not
  • On the other hand, have to make decision before assembly anyway
  • Global grounding already exists - or already being worked on
  • isolate chassis from detector - i.e., overall grounded block
  • PMT blocks are already well grounded
  • internal to chassis: if good connection PMT and chassis then should be ok
  • Action items:
  • Prepare scheme of global grounding scheme, general ground and localized ground


  • Cable layout design ongoing


  • Crystal thermal simulations
  • No heat load applied - temperature along crystal very stable
  • Applying 3.5 W heat source (18degC central crystal)
  • most heat dissipated in first 2cm
  • specifications on temperature stability and uniformity - overall stability is more important than uniformity, e.g., can tolerate few degree difference in temperature at end of crystal
  • Action item:
  • complete additional studies, e.g., scale up to full detector size


  • Reflector pre-shaping is taking place at two sites: ODU and JLab
  • both sites use the same shaping tools
  • Ovens and annealing procedure are slightly different
  • Initial foils prepared at ODU seem consistent with those prepared at JLab, but need to verify
  • JLab oven has been used by another group on 9/29 - need to check availability of oven
  • Action items:
  • ODU provide details of the annealing methods used for the initial foils for validation of the procedure
  • Find out groups that use the JLab oven