General Meeting Summary 9/6/18

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MAGNET (Bogdan, Charles)

  • Assembly has started, some questions about lifting of coil, expect to have magnet assembled within a week
  • Update from discussion with M. Fowler about finalizing NPS design (Bogdan)
  • need feedback from spokespeople on angles - have already given SHMS angles and positions, but seems to need also HMS angles for optimization of beam pipe
  • Magnet mapping
  • making progress on measurement device construction, need to identify suitable hall probes still. Time line mechanically ready beginning October, software ready mid-November
  • plan is to measure in 1-cm steps in 3D grid semi-automated - anticipate full measurement will take ~1 week for inside gap measurements, then disassemble/reinstall and repeat measurement outside
  • Discussion about measuring transverse field - rotation and sensitivity to it
  • Note: will not be able to go to full power in test lab, will have full power in hall. However, any guidance on fringe fields (measure of sensitivity to magnetic property) will be useful
  • Action items:
  • Get official documentation of what power etc available for magnet tests
  • Consider how fringe fields can be estimated even at low current - one thought: in triangular region of magnet still close to saturation, so could use this to get initial idea
  • Magnet expected to be ready at end of year


  • Discussion of characterizations of 460 crystals and rejection method - first crate of 80 rejected crystals is ready to be shipped, second one will be ready mid-September
  • ComCal
  • all modules are assembled (initially problem with brass strips, but resolved), systems being prepared, limited number of power supplies, but plan to test all of the modules and check for problems - might only do that in the hall
  • putting together cooling frame with Fernando, crystal stacking will come next - expect to take a few days
  • platform for hall ready in mid September, can check step motor in test lab


  • Frame:
  • mechanical assembly in progress
  • mu metal construction done by external company - expect ready by end of September
  • Simulation
  • Ho San working on background simulation - will have an update at next meeting


  • Should start discussing date of next NPS Collaboration Meeting

NEXT MEETING: week of September 24 - Doodle poll for exact day/time