General Meeting Summary 9/9/21

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PARTICIPANTS: Aaron Arshak, Bogdan, Carlos, Hamlet, Paulo, Tanja, Peter, Emmanuel, Steven, Vardan, Vladimir, Julie, Marie, Rolf, Alex


  • All dividers and PMTs have shipped from Ohio U. and have been received at JLab
  • All tests have been completed from NPS collaboration
  • Action item:
  • define next steps, Fernando test etc.


  • Need to take a decision now to make progress
  • Action item: schedule dedicated meeting with Fernando in the week of September 13th (before 11am ET) to decide on the path forward
  • Participants: Bogdan, IJCLab-Orsay, Vladimir, ....


  • Graphical interface development EPICS temperature screens
  • sensors are included at front and back
  • Thermal analysis: 3x3 unit with with copper shell at constant temperature 10degC, added carbon fiber around individual blocks, applied heat of 0.5W from back
  • temperature profile back to front looks very similar
  • temperature profile lateral is different crystal to crystal - change between blocks: min~10, max~11.7degC
  • Discussion why there is a change in temperature profile lateral (the outer crystals) from back to front
  • There may be gaps between crystals in the model - this would effectively make the inner crystal thermally isolated -- need to check
  • Note: important for the experiment is the temperature variation crystal to crystal - don't want different light yield crystal to crystal
  • light yield change 2%/degC
  • ideally want sub-degree variation
  • Database being created of all NPS plots, e.g., CAEN model tests, HV supply tests, etc.
  • Actions:
  • Check on air gaps in the model
  • Thermal analysi of the full (36x31) NPS assembly


  • 2-3 people from DSG will participate
  • currently have available 4 jigs - will produce 6 more
  • ODU tech will help too
  • provided 6 jigs and 500 foils
  • start with 30-40 foils then quality check
  • Action item:
  • work our arrangement for pre-shaping activity space at JLab
  • Produce additional 6 jigs
  • Check in on ODU progress


  • Work ongoing, e.g., detector lift fixture, cables, etc.


  • Have been receiving ~40 crystals/month from CRYTUR
  • all good quality
  • most of them now with the "new" raw material (available from vendor instead of using the raw material from Giessen U.)