General Meson SF Meeting Summary 10/14/21

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PARTICIPANTS: Ali, Carlos A., Douglas, John A., Patrick, Richard, Rolf, Stephen, Yulia, Tanja, Tobias


  • Working with Patrick on plot for analysis note
  • Simulation for IP8 Fun4All should be ready
  • For both IP6 and IP8 issue at low energies with EIC-Smear
  • Updates:
  • simulation subsystems should be working now, ie. inverted B0 was fixed
  • still working on figuring out why no events at low energy electron 5 GeV
  • Discussion:
  • Fun4All has implemented in it the additional roman pot for secondary focus, so can look at that for detection efficiency, how many events one loses compared to IP6, etc.
  • Plan on running events through Fun4All with all subsystems included
  • Make occupancy plots for all subdetectors
  • Cross-validations
  • First focus on IP6 and run meson SF events through frameworks Fun4All and also DD4HEP
  • Compare results
  • IP8 should follow and not require additional validations
  • Action items:
  • Complete Meson SF projection and impact study
  • Generate occupancy plots for IP8 (ZDC, Roman pots, Off-Momentum, B0) and detector efficiencies
  • Run meson SF events through DD4HEP IP6 for cross-validation


  • Finalized IP6 analysis
  • Analysis note posted
  • Next: IP8


  • Ran events through Fun4All
  • event distributions to validate Fun4All vs. DEMP generator
  • weights are working
  • primary particles look fine
  • Limitations with branching ratio - neutral decay and ZDC does not look good so far
  • Neutral decay impacted by inactive regions between IP and ZDC - needs regions to be active (needs to be fixed)
  • Realistic ZDC acceptance efficiency requires neutral decay branching ratio
  • Action item:
  • check neutral decay with 5 on 100 energies