General Meson SF Meeting Summary 11/5/21

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PARTICIPANTS: Bill, Patrick, Richard, Stephen, Tanja, Rolf, Tobias, John, Huey-Wen


  • re-performed fits cutting out high xL values
  • results seem to suggest a large impact - larger than expected based on previous results in paper
  • currently using un-correlated uncertainties - may be driving since losing the uncertainty due to having different data sets
  • problem with global fits in region with no data
  • if only point-to-point
  • move within 1 sigma but have many points from same data set --> goes to one line/value driven by this, c.f., CLAS data
  • normally have more than one data set that also includes a scale uncertainty
  • Action items:
  • make a small point-to-point, e.g., 0.1-0.2% (luminosity) and rest normalization (~1%)
  • reduce number of data points - improvement of TMDs/kT etc.
  • small documentation of what's different from the YR, e.g., figures with captions


  • After fixed generator and EIC-smear (discrepancy between the two - may be related to calculation of momentum) and with B0 included
  • 5 on 100 and 10 on 100 show same occupancy at ZDC
  • For 5 on 41 losing acceptance ~59% detection efficiency
  • optics different from YR where had no B0 - now have more hits in B0 and losing events
  • Consider event generator to be validated and final - postpone any additional tweaking until later
  • Calculate t distribution in the Fun4All framework
  • Input to EIC Impact Studies: Q2, x, xL, y, number of events (100 fb^-1)
  • number of events currently determined by ZDC
  • if include t-dependence then need RP and OMD
  • Note on Kaons: Fun4all does not decay Lambda correctly - branching ratio wrong
  • decay length - energy different
  • not due to obstruction in beam pipe
  • Action items:
  • Occupancies for IP6 to compare with geometric acceptances in YR
  • Occupancies for IP8 can be done to check geometric acceptances of IP6 vs. IP8
  • t-resolution in fun4all framework to check impact on t for IP6 vs IP8 on FF and SF
  • reconstruction of kinematic variables
  • Kaons - will still pursue, but may not be part of the proposals
  • check with Dmitry and Yulia about kaon decay modules used during YR