General Meson SF Meeting Summary 9/30/21

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PARTICIPANTS: Richard, Garth, Tanja, Stephen, Rolf, Patrick

MESON SF (Richard)

  • working on 5 on 41 ZDC distributions - appears to be a problem with the simulation processing
  • Technical note for diffractive reactions - updating uncertainties with Patrick
  • for IP8: still work on going on component implementation - B0
  • B0 needed for proton, e.g., ppi channel and pi0n
  • have optics for B0 - full magnet will not be available in next few months
  • does simulation have B0 optical properties implemented?
  • ZDC placement - similar to IP6 driven by need to capture 6mrad cone
  • aperture given by limit of each IP (4.5mrad for IP6 and ~6mrad for IP8)
  • due to mechanical interference moves a little closer for IP8
  • Decay length kaon important for Lambda - need geometric acceptances
  • compare geometric detection fractions for two IPs
  • optics different by IR
  • t-resolution would change
  • Differences - need to look for planes in the different detection planes
  • Action items:
  • check on B0 implementation, aim to get the ZDC distribution -> get t-dependence
  • geometric acceptance - might get from G4e - check with Yulia on status of virtual planes for IP8 and possibility to get geometric acceptances for kaon

PION FORM FACTOR (Stephen, Garth)

  • Plots for
  • W-Q2: very different from fixed target
  • detection efficiencies with cuts applied to reduce inclusive background: ~80%
  • detection efficiency Q2 vs. -t: shows where hit edges of the ZDC
  • Pion FF updated plot
  • Next: IP8


  • Ali studied the exclusive K-L channel
  • no lambda decay
  • Action items:
  • include lambda decay


  • studies of systematic uncertainties when fitting data
  • finite volume not important compared to lattice spacing and power correction - remove from fit
  • Noticeable impact of including lattice uncertainties on uncertainties of valence quark distribution
  • Impact of current-current data
  • reduce uncertainties by 50% and 10% - same impact - indicates that experimental data is the bottleneck