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  • DAQ and firmware
  • Slow controls
  • Decoding software (FADC mode10, VTP data, unblocking)
  • Online software (raw displays, gui, interface with ET system)
  • Offline reconstruction (clustering algorithm, multi-threading)
  • Other business

FADC mode10 update

  • Mark Jones has already implemented changes to hcana to decode mode10 data for the THcCherenkov and THcAerogel classes (based on changes to the THcRawADCHit class). These are on the firmware_update branch on the hcana github.
  • We set up pionLT replay in order to look at waveform data for one of the dedicated mode10 pionLT runs.
  • Next step is to update the THcShowerArray and THcShowerPlane classes in order to look at SHMS data.