Meeting 10 April 2018

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CPS plots update (Parker)

Link to Jixie's plots

Revised draft 10-page document

Initial Draft of target sections (Donal/Dustin)

Draft of 10-page document updated after 4/10/18 meeting


* Action items for next meeting on Tuesday, 24 April at 3:00pm (EST):

  • Prepare drafts for remaining sections of the 10-page document (all, see section assignment)
  • Start editing completed sections (Tanja, Thia, David?)
  • Select figures for section V of 10-page paper - Jixie's web page and Parker's 4/10 presentation
  • For all figures use convention: Target is at center of the hall

  • Discussion Parker's presentation
  • Shows that concept works
  • good figures to demonstrate that: with CPS stop all photons from start already (stop activation)
  • Activation after 100 or 1000 hours is effectively same
  • Extra shielding looks well balanced in both forward and backward regions

  • Discussion about 10-page draft from 4/10/18
  • Fig. 2: change label for radiator
  • Fig. 4: distribution power along absorber consistent with Fig. 2 - spread over many cm, come back to this in Fig. 6 to correlate where factor of 1000 reduction comes from and how one can decide with machinery from FLUKA/GEANT on shielding
  • Engineering/Safety: consider as guidance for cost of CPS and distribution of cost items, main cost comes from W-powder
  • Appendix 1: Add dose rate 2D figure

  • Discussion about Dustin/Donal's section
  • Target can withstand high radiation with suitable cooling and rotation