Meeting 15 November 2019

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  • Dose rate at magnet coils - figure out why the dose rate appears to be higher than in earlier simulations
  • Article draft - send funding support information to David H, implement additional comments from Bogdan
  • Further develop CPS budget for proposal
  • Make rough draft for CPS collaboration meeting agenda


  • Discussion of simulations and prompt coil dose rate
  • Dose rate seems a factor of 50 higher than in earlier calculations

  • Discussion about additional comments on the article draft
  • comments from Sean and Donal have been implemented, also a new figure from Gabriel
  • last few sections were re-written
  • Bogdan has additional comments that he will give by email
  • include funding support in acknowledgements
  • need to include the magnet coil dose rate

  • Discussion about funding proposal
  • For Phase I a 30 ton shielding may be sufficient
  • Magnet coil cost will depend on final dose rate projection
  • Project defined so that all parts work and detector validated
  • Cost share requirement for all institutions that are not undergrad serving
  • U. Glasgow contribution

  • CPS Collaboration Meeting - TUESDAY 4 February 2020 at JLab
  • Possible agenda items:
  • simulations
  • design
  • real changes from Hall A/C to Hall D design
  • physics (c.f. PAC comments)
  • Make agenda draft for next meeting