Meeting 1 November 2019

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  • (David H., Sean, Rolf, Donal, Tanja, ...) Finalize CPS article - target for submission: 22 November
  • implement comments from Sean and Donal
  • check figure captions
  • add more detail on Hall D - Sean will send some text
  • author list
  • (Gabriel) Simulations in preparation for NSF MRI
  • need radiation analysis on coil to determine what isolation material to use - for specific simulation specs see item 4a from 10/11 meeting (need one z-value)
  • need some phi angles to see how much shielding to use - also item 4a
  • (David H., Tanja) Funding proposal
  • prepare an itemized budget for discussion
  • prepare 1-2 page on CPS for David H funding proposal submission
  • CPS collaboration meeting - determine date based on NPS agenda


  • CPS simulation update - step 0 is complete!
  • Comparison of Parker Reid to Gabriel Niculescu simulations - they are consistent
  • details of the simulations:
  • both based on cylindrical geometry
  • horizontal axis is the beam direction
  • vertical axis is transverse to beam direction AND integrated over all phi angles
  • should still figure out what the events in the indicated box are - strange since no material there

  • Discussion about next steps for simulation
  • Insert intermediate steps before step 1 to determine material needed for CPS and cost estimate for funding proposal
  • complete step 4a for one z-value, factor 3 sufficient - choice of material
  • need phi angles bins - amount of shielding, radiation going into floor etc.
  • step 1 involves comparison to an Hall C experiment, e.g. J/Psi, to verify activation after 1000 hours running etc.

  • Discussion about beam size in Hall D
  • 10% radiator - take half the size (5%) and assume 11-12 GeV in Hall D - results in 2.5cm RMS after 80m

  • Discussion about CPS article
  • Comments from Donal coming
  • David H. will implement comments from Sean, Donal, and check figure captions
  • Additional authors - Sean will check with Justin on authorship
  • Add some text on Hall D
  • Try to submit by 11/22

  • Discussion about funding proposal
  • budget elementary: magnet and diagnostics
  • require estimate for simulation step 4a, e.g., some phi values to see how much shielding to use and for radiation analysis of magnet coils and iteration with vendor
  • assume JLab provides: support structure, cooling, safety for high radiation, beam line and beam line diagnostics
  • David H. preparing UK funding proposal - include 1-2 pages on CPS; due date is end of November

  • CPS collaboration meeting - plan for 3 February or 4 February 2020
  • need to check agenda for NPS collaboration meeting (3 Feb 2020)
  • no obvious conflicts for either day