Meeting 21 February 2020

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  • Update from CPS beamline meeting
  • Update from KLong and GlueX collaboration meetings


  • Remind Radcon about sending numbers
  • CPS radiation simulations: additional tests to finalize CPS optimized geometry (see emails)
  • Hall D - prepare a sketch model of magnet
  • TCS: for Q2=5 GeV2 want reliable extraction of CFF and show that one can have a good measurement in Hall A/C



  • discussion of a number of different simulations carried out to optimize cost, material, dimensions - done in two ways: 1) geometry, material, layering, and 2) pure material
  • If replace all tungsten with lead, then prompt radiation significantly worse, but activation levels still looks good
  • Replacing tungsten by lead in the backward region has reasonable prompt and activation levels depending on how much lead is used - lead below z=0 seems a good compromise
  • Having a lead "frame" outside (2.5 cm top, 5cm bottom) helps to reduce radiation levels even further