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CPS configurations

CPS Article V0


  • CPS model and radiation studies
  • Calculate level of radiation at magnet coil (after 1 year) - independent of model one uses, factor 10 good enough for now. Once have the new numbers contact Japanese vendor for magnet quote for coils (Gabriel, Bogdan)
  • Clarify conceptual design idea #6: from formal point of view it's an ellipsoid, but practically will be approximated by, e.g. sphere with something staggered (Rolf)
  • Identify a person/persons from KLong collaboration who would work on simulation/model and invite to join the CPS meetings (Igor)

  • Article - all comments must be in by 8/30/19 (David H, Donal, Bogdan)
  • David H implement textual comments
  • Donal comments in next few days
  • Bogdan comments coming
  • Igor comments - see his email for details
  • Check number of experiments described vs. under consideration - clarify
  • Tungsten powder density - explain where it comes from, e.g. tungsten cannot be machined, density depends on what additives are added, for CPS in Hall A/C have 16.3g/cm3, about 20% lower than maximum (weight consideration in Hall A/C and easier to machine if density lower)
  • For quotes used 16.3 g/cm3 as well

Discussion Details

  • CPS CAD mode presentation - done by Dhara Liyanage
  • done with all the correct dimensions and materials except for maybe the copper core
  • overall design of magnet components now in CAD - simplifies communications with vendors
  • CPS model
  • Gabriel is working on it
  • CPS article
  • Draft with line numbers is posted
  • Goal: submit article before the PSTP2019 conference
  • Details of the full implementation study ongoing right now is not needed, but mentioning the overall idea could be good