Meeting 29 May 2020

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  • CPS Design Model Update
  • Cu-W inserts
  • Form of W blocks - information from vendor (Bogdan, Igor)
  • Container for W blocks
  • Hall A/C model and design/implementation (Steven, Mike, Paulo)
  • NPS+CPS experiments
  • Other

PARTICIPANTS: Gabriel Niculescu, Josh Crafts, Arshak Asaturyan, Bogdan Wojsekhowski, David Hamilton, Donal Day, Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Hovanes Egiyan, Amy Comer, Mike Fowler, Vardan Tadevosyan, Rolf Ent, Marie Boer, Sean Dobbs, Paulo Medeiros, Vladimir Berdnikov


  • Simulation given to Hall D for radiation studies
  • For Hall A/C explored different CPS exit configuration - small to wider triangular openings
  • Modest decrease in weight - not much effect on the background near exit and mechanically round pipe is easier
  • Primary beam very narrow, so angular spread not affected
  • Main goal: positioning of smallest critical aperture - target minimization is to protect target, the next critical aperture has to do with detectors (i.e. two sources now)
  • Next: Consider detectors past polarized target


  • Elmet: Easy to get powder, but more complicated to get compacted powder - not much flexibility in density and cost when moving away from vendor's standard block sizes
  • Next:
  • Gather information on possible vendors/sources that have capability to compress powder
  • Are high-density powders available?
  • Regular W (solid) - what is the standard size?
  • Standard tungsten bricks from China?


  • Investigate additional ways to simplify the assembly
  • Cooling: follow profile calculated by Gabriel/Bogdan - see analysis note
  • Stacking tolerances - some chimming may be necessary for individual bricks


  • Make list of pro/con for CPS location
  • Schedule Meeting with Hall C to discuss CPS locations in Hall C

TCS EXPERIMENT (Marie, Vardan, Dustin)

  • Update on model and simulation studies
  • Plan to circulate draft of proposal by June 9 - PAC deadline is June 22