Meeting 30 July 2021

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  • Rotating target updates
  • Design models, stress/thermal calculations
  • Engineering analysis and planning
  • TCS updates
  • Other

PARTICIPANTS: Amy Comer, Bert Metzger, Bogdan Wojtsekhowski, Brannon Semp, Dustin Keller, Rolf Ent, Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Josh Crafts, Kevin, Marie Boer, Vardan Tadevosyan, Tanja Horn

DESIGN/ENGINEERING (Amy, Bert, Bogdan, Gabriel, Josh)

  • Cooling system work ongoing
  • Power deposition along z has been updated
  • Testing part of absorber
  • Materials
  • First tungsten powder blocks for inner part of magnet arrived
  • Checking on sintered (still have to shim) tungsten blocks - cost increased over years - need to look into optimization of shielding (main focus on front since most radiation there), dimensions roughly ~3"x(4-5)"x6"
  • Change of procurement plan
  • initially hoped that get magnet out for procurement, but will still take
  • move towards tungsten and start procurement of high density tungsten blocks (16 g/cm3) for center region ~20% of blocks needed
  • Action item:
  • Check on number of tungsten blocks needed - with 16 g/cm3 and for earlier block size (2 x 4 x 4) assumption ~19.4 (metric) tons
  • Start the procurement for the inner part of the shielding
  • From later discussion on Tungsten bricks:
  • 19.43 metric tons or ~2109 bricks of 2 x 4 x 4
  • For the larger bricks of Elmet of 3" x 4.125" x 6.2" that would be ~880.


  • Two design options
  • standard - limited to one cup, likely will require frequent changes of bellows (quantify)
  • new - can take more than one cup, design to optimize bellow wear
  • Standard prototype has been built - still needs to be tested (cool down and in beam at NIST)
  • New design does not yet have a prototype
  • Action item: further develop a plan toward realizing a rotating target for the experiments


  • Additional science that could be done within the time of the current C2 approved TCS proposal
  • Need to check rates and backgrounds etc.
  • Action items:
  • focus on removing C2 conditional on TCS proposal first - aim for completing in next four months
  • evaluate experimental details of new science in 2022