Meeting 4 December 2018

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  • (Jixie/Dustin/Donal) Address the comments on compatibilty with polarized target as requested in TAC and in Review Report from Aug 2018, e.g. estimate relative uncertainty of target polarization due to
  • (Jixie) radiation damage caused by electron-positron pair production and target rotation
  • (Dustin) Target rotation (mechanical and local damage) - review the reports by JLab and by Chris Keith and make additions and/or modifications in CPS document as needed
  • (David H.) Overall editing to address report comment that narrative doesn't flow smoothly and errors in the figure captions
  • (David H.) Create an outline of a NIM article in Overleaf
  • (Bogdan/Rolf/Tanja/...) Start more detailed draft of NIM article based on David's outline
  • (Tanja with Dustin/Donal/Gabriel/Igor) Create first draft of an executive summary for a possible NSF Mid-Scale Research Instrumentation proposal



  • Discussion about status of document updates:
  • Jixie working on FLUKA simulations on radiation damage estimates - results expected in next two weeks
  • Discussion about uncertainty due to target rotation and local radiation damage
  • if ignore radiation damage, then independent of e-beam - all mechanical motion/shock
  • local radiation damage - examine area of overlap of volume exposed to beam and NMR, if total overlap, then know polarization from NMR
  • practical consideration of how to build coil in relation to target rotation - more loops then smaller signal to noise - test setup in progress


  • Start with an outline of sections and then fill in with material from CPS document
  • Aiming for instrumentation paper, so not all pieces of current technical document, e.g. regarding the science, may be needed
  • Aim for putting together an initial draft by 2019 Hall A/C Winter meeting and solicit feedback


  • Competition is NSF-wide
  • There are two classifications depending on funds requested (RI-1 is $6 million to below $20 million) and two categories within: 1) Implementation (e.g., procurement, assembly, construction, commissioning) and 2) Design (e.g., preparations for future mid-scale and larger scale infrastructure. Compared to regular proposals, a larger emphasis is placed on scientific justification, research community priority, broader impacts, and project execution plan.
  • Preliminary proposals are due on 19 February 2019. Full proposals are due 20 May and by invitation only.
  • Compact Photon Source project would likely be RI-1/Implementation. Favorable points include that CPS offers access to unique science that cannot be done otherwise, is basically ready to go, and has community support. Some brainstorming notes:
  • Exclusive photoproduction with very small cross section, c.f. 12 GeV program initially (rare processes) - isolate very small signal to really understand structure
  • novel technology, gain in science, other applications
  • K_Long also aimed at rare processes, where CPS has huge benefit - may appear as other application in proposal as not yet approved by PAC
  • Include: CPS and polarized target
  • Highest priority: write an executive summary draft - unique science summarized in an easily understandable way for people outside NP. Aim to have a first draft within two weeks