Meeting 4 June 2019

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  • Article
  • (Tanja, Rolf, David H.) Make a rough draft using the MSRI pre-proposal and David's cleaned up tech document
  • (All) Assign sections for everyone to edit
  • (Bogdan, Gabriel) CPS model for optimizations and porting to Hall D
  • Could be based on Parker's FLUKA studies
  • Should be simple to modify and easy to run - GEANT4 might be best
  • (All) CPS cost review - split out pieces that could be of interest to different funding sources
  • (Rolf, Bogdan, Tanja) Start with spreadsheet from MSRI

Discussion Details

  • Discussion path forward for CPS
  • CPS main components: 1) magnet+insert, 2) "nominal" shielding
  • Funding strategy: review and split out logical pieces and check for items that might give the impression that they are replacing "aging JLab equipment"
  • Need to investigate details of Track 1/Track 2 MRI
  • Discussion CPS modeling
  • Earlier studies done by Parker (FLUKA), Gabriel (GEANT4), Jixie
  • Best would be a simple to modify and to run application - GEANT4?
  • Discussion of CPS article
  • Should be highest priority to get this out
  • Discussion of plans for TCS conditionally approved proposal
  • No update planned for the upcoming PAC, a new LOI on a different topic will be submitted