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Rafael's second report on DVCS simulations (including results for all energies from kinematics table)

Rafael's first report on DVCS simulations

Charles presentation from Hall C meeting, 24 January 2013

Study of effects on kinematics if require HMS angle to be >=13 deg (.pdf)

Beam Time Sharing DVCS and pi0 (.pdf)


Simon's report on WACS simulations

Notes from Peter Kroll, Nov 2012

SIDIS mesons

DES mesons

Notes from Peter Kroll, Nov 2012


Dose rate estimations for PbWO4 detector at 4m from target, at 1uA, and for a 10-cm long target

Scattering Chamber Information:

  • outer diameter = 45 inches
  • inner diameter = 43.125 inches
  • distance beam line to SHMS window = 1.25 inches

So for a point target, the minimum angle is 58 mr or 3.4 degrees. For an extended target you will need to adjust, it becomes about 4 degree for a 15 cm target. So assume 3.5 degrees as rough number.

Study of possibilities for larger beam pipe assemblies

Energy spectra for electrons, photons, positrons including fits

Rates and rates per crystal vs. angle relative to beam for: 4 m from target, 6.6 GeV beam energy, 1uA beam current, and 10-cm LH2 target for:

Photon threshold=10 MeV

Photon threshold=3 MeV

Hamlet's report on crystal properties from Hall C meeting, 24 January 2013

New Active PMT Base for PbWO4 (Popov, H. Mkrtchyan, presentation at IEEE, Nov 2012)

Description of the PbWO4 detector option:

Presentation at Orsay Workshop, Nov 2012

PAC39 proposal, May 2012