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  • Implement EEEMCal (contact: Carlos)
  • Implement barrel homogeneous EMCal (contact: Nathaly)
  • Compare different reconstruction algorithms
  • Investigate discrimination between single photon and merged photons from pi0 decay based on cluster tower energy distribution; same for e/pi separation - possibly explore machine learning application (contact: Renee)
  • Hybrid calorimeter clustering
  • see JLab HyCal
  • Light transport going beyond summing up GEANT4 hits
  • Determine impact of calorimeter support structure on physics performance; define module geometry (contact: Vardan, Arthur)
  • study/conclude on the tolerance for the size of the gaps between modules (defined by the alveolar and other support elements); also for the transition region between two calorimeters.
  • Angular (rapidity) dependencies: for non-projective geometry for modules with the same length, the EMCal depth seen by the particle will depend on rapidity (with 45 degrees to the beam line it will be a factor of sqrt(2) larger compared to 0 degree). We know that e/h separation will be affected (shower profile), but simple E/p matching performance for eID may be affected too (deeper EMCal - more probability for charged hadron to shower); also the affect of gaps will be different with the angle.
  • Comparison of simulation with test beam data (electrons, pions, etc) and find the ways for simulation tuning (e.g. light transport model and/or non-uniformity map, etc.) - contacts: Petr,
  • Detector Design Optimization (contact: Cristiano)
  • ...