Summary 1/21/16

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  • Introduction
  • Discussion about run groups - NPS run groups are experiments using the same beam time
  • Discussion about project length for NPS construction and crystal testing

  • Status on PbWO4 testing and selection
  • Discussion about SiPM radiation hardness
  • Discussion about comparing different irradiation profiles
  • Discussion about 3D printing

  • NPS PWO crystals at an EIC
  • Inner calorimeter requires high resolution for reconstruction of scattered electron - a PbWO4-based calorimeter would be optimal
  • The NPS PbWO4 crystals could be used at an EIC and would cover about half the solid angle - about 2000 crystals are needed in total

  • Magnet status
  • BNL MPS pole tips provide enough iron for the NPS magnet - some modifications are required to conform to the required dimensions
  • Discussion about securing the G0 experiment rails for support
  • Next steps include: checks if modifications work magnetically (TOSCA), design infrastructure for support and mounting, detailed drawings. After this also need to work on the coil.

  • HV base design
  • Discussion about pricing in comparison to MRI budget
  • Discussion about radiation damage to Arduino processor
  • Discussion about timeline - continue development at ODU until about March and then make decision

  • Photon sources
  • Both designs improve the FOM, have similar collimation - current limitation given by radiation control and beam dump
  • Discussion about magnet - ~ 2T-m and as short as possible
  • Discussion about science that would be enabled with a photon source

  • Timelike Compton Scattering with Transverse Target
  • Discussion about showing quantitatively with real error bars what such a TCS measurement would add to DVCS
  • Discussion about uncertainty estimations in multivariable fitting