Temperature Sensors

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There are 112 temperature sensors on the NPS crystals: 56 on front of a sample of crystals and 56 on the back of those same crystals:


Channels are numbered assuming a back view of the detector (beam line is on the left of the above picture). The green-colored crystals are the ones with a temperature sensor on their front and on their back sides.

The temperature sensors are PFA T/C Type K - 72" (order code: 201-301) from TC Direct: https://www.tcdirect.com/deptprod.asp?deptid=180/21

Sensors will be connected to 3 multiplexers KEYSIGHT 34921:


Tentative location of the multiplexers inside the box:

Sensors2.jpg Sondes1.jpg

The DAQ unit is KEYSIGHT 34980A:


The following spreadsheets details the association between the temperature sensor and the slot and channel in the KEYSIGHT 34921T module: Sensors slot/channel