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== 1st Circular ==
The 2013 JLab User's Group Annual Meeting will take place on May 29-31, 2013 at Jefferson Lab - MARK YOUR CALENDARS. In addition to many talks from our community, there will be several invited presentations, including by F. Halzen, E. Aschenauer, T. Hallman, F. Maas and M. Grosse-Perdekamp.
Topics will include Physics at Jefferson Lab in all "6 Halls" (incl. FEL and accelerator), special presentations by prize winners and recent APS fellows, invited talks on neutrinos, RHIC spin physics and hadronic physics in Europe and Japan, reports from Lab management and from the funding agencies.
As always, there will be a Users Business Meeting, the annual graduate student Poster Competition, special lunch discussions for the graduate students and a reception. We are also planning a little party in the ARC user space.
Your participation is important, and we strongly urge everyone to attend. Further information (including the '''full program''') can be found at [http://www.jlab.org/conferences/ugm/index.html http://www.jlab.org/conferences/ugm/index.html] . Registration will continue to be open until the meeting begins.
[[Meeting Poster]]
Our 2013 meeting took place on May 29-31.
Our 2013 meeting took place on May 29-31.

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Annually in Summer, we have a workshop and meeting at Jefferson Lab to which all users are invited. The next workshop will take place June 2-4, 2014.

Our 2013 meeting took place on May 29-31. Our 2012 meeting took place June 4-6.

An archive of past meeting can be found at: http://www.jlab.org/conferences/ugm/index.html