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UGBoD encourages all Jefferson Lab users who are also members of DNP to become involved in the selection of officers of the DNP. Every year, DNP members elect new members of the executive committee and officers, including the next vice chair. (This person then becomes chair elect, then chair, and finally past chair). Many important decisions made by these people directly effects us, in particular selection of prize winners, talks at DNP and APS meetings, etc. For this reason, we believe it is important that Jefferson Lab users support (i.e., nominate and elect) candidates for DNP executive committee positions that can be strong advocates for our physics. Information on DNP and its Executive Committee can be found at [1] and in particular under "Governance".

Nominations due July 1

The next elections for DNP officers will occur in winter 2013/2014. Candidates may be nominated by the DNP membership until July 1, 2013. More information can be found on the same DNP website, including the May 2013 newsletter (linked to the site). All DNP members should have received ballots and return envelopes. There is also a link to the electronic version of the ballot on the DNP website. Please fill out the nomination ballot, don't forget to sign, and add your address and signature to the envelope!

Like every year, the UG Board of Directors would like to endorse two candidates for the Executive Committee: Gordon Cates of UVa for Vice Chair, and Ron Gilman (Rutgers) for member at large. We encourage you to submit these names on your nominations. If 1/50th of the DNP membership (53 members) endorse a given candidate, that person will be "automatically" put on the ballot in the winter. In the past, we have been successful in placing the candidates endorsed by UGBoD on the ballot, and some of them have been elected. (Don't forget to vote in winter!) Also please let UGBoD know if you are interested to run for a position within DNP!