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Members of the User Group Board of Directors are typically elected for 2-year terms. Each year, some members rotate off and a new election is held to replace these members. The next election is being held now: April 1-30, 2012:

Elections in Spring 2012

The following positions on the UG Board of Directors will become vacant in June 2012:

  1. Chair Elect (1 year term; will then become the Chair for 2 years followed by 1 year as Past-Chair). Zein-Eddine Meziani will have completed his term as Past-Chair. The candidates are John Arrington and Chaden Djalali
  2. Three members at large (2-year terms). Dan Carman, Kawtar Hafidi and Karl Slifer will have completed their 2-year terms. The candidates are Carlos Munoz Camacho, Annalisa D'Angelo, Wouter Deconinck, Jim Dunne, Eugene Pasyuk, Eric Voutier, and Frank Wesselmann.
  3. A member who can represent the Graduate Students working at JLab (preferably students more than 2 years away from finishing their Ph.D.). Rakitha Beminiwattha will rotate off the board.The candidates are Natalie Walford and Ryan Zielinsk.
  4. A member who can represent the Postdocs working at JLab (also a 2-year term). Aidan Kelleher will have completed his 2-year term. The candidates are John Leckey and Katherine Myers.

The election to fill all of these positions is now open. Your vote is important and the process should take a little of your time. We urge you to participate by voting earlier rather than later. The election will close on Monday April 30, 2012 (COB). The newly elected members will be announced at the June 04-06 Users' Meeting ( http://conferences.jlab.org/ugm/index.html ). Their term begins at the end of that meeting.

To vote please visit the URL link below: http://www.jlab.org/user_resources/usergroup/ballot.html

The candidates for these positions have been selected by the Nominating Committee: Eric Christy (chair), Ron Gilman, Raffaella DeVita and Benni Zihlmann. Many thanks to them!

The following members of the board have rotated off at the end of the June 2011 Annual User Group Meeting:

  1. Andre Afanasev (JLab)
  2. Ioana Niculescu (JMU)
  3. Phil Cole (ISU)

They have been replaced by:

  1. Anatoly Radyushkin (Jlab) will become the new Experiment/Theory Liasion
  2. Kent Paschke (at large member)
  3. Mark Ito (at large member)