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INSTRUCTIONS: Please respond to all open polls by filling out a Feedback Form with your comments, ideas, suggestions, preferences...

We have ongoing polls related to User Space:

Additional Space in the ARC?

If the present plan pans out, there will be about 36 desk stations set up in the library of the ARC building. The desks will share a single, open room with relatively low "separators" between them. The plan is to use "hotelling" software to let users reserve these desks for limited stays (e.g., during the summer).


  1. Are you planning short-term visits during the summer? (UG meeting, HUGS, workshops, PAC etc.)? How many weeks?
  2. Would you be willing to use these desks in the ARC during your stay? If not, why not?
  3. What kind of design changes would you like to see to make these desks more useful?
  4. What other changes to the overall plan would you propose?
  5. Should there be some desks left open for "first come, first served" usage (single day) without reservation?

User Space on 2nd floor Counting House

Jefferson Lab is planning a major renovation of the 2nd floor of the Counting House. Among other things, windows, roof, ceiling, HVAC systems, bathrooms etc. will be upgraded/repaired. The design phase for this renovation is underway - see CountingHouse2ndFloor. The design should be concluded by end of FY11 and the actual renovation will take place during FY12-13 (concurrent with downtime for the upgrade).


  1. Do you prefer small, enclosed cubicles or larger, open desk spaces (shared by whoever is present)?
  2. How many seats do you think are needed in this area? (How many people will want to sit there while "their" experiment is running?)
  3. What is the most useful addition/change you can think of? (Noise abatement, bathroom renovation and increased usability of the conference room are already in the plan).
  4. How should desks/cabinets/storage in this space be allocated? (First come/first serve? By registration - "hotelling"?)
  5. What kind of equipment (terminals, phones,...) are necessary/desirable?
  6. Do you need lockable cabinets? Any suggestions how to minimize empty or unused storage space?

Preferences for PAC meeting times

The next PAC 38 will be in August 2011. If, in the future, there will be only one PAC meeting per year (not decided yet), would you prefer it to be in summer or in winter? Also, would you object to having only one meeting a year?