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INSTRUCTIONS: Please respond to all open polls by sending an email to (kuhn at with your comments, ideas, suggestions, preferences... or by sending an email to any member of the UGBoD -> UGBoD Contact Information.

SURA Residence Facility

SURA would like your input on possible improvements to the ResFac. Please fill out the ResFacPoll and email the results to any member of UGBoD or Elizabeth Lawson (

Student/Visitor Health Insurance Offered by Jefferson Lab

The Insurance plan offered by the lab - see - is up for renewal every year. We very much would appreciate if you could give us your feedback as to what you would like to see changed/improved in the future.

JLab "Cyber Event" - 7/20/2011

We are collecting information on how the recent cyber event (which is not quite over yet!) has affected the users. Please give concrete examples for how your JLab-related work has been impacted, and suggestions how the Lab management could have alleviated some of the problems you encountered (if you have specific suggestions in that direction). Note that the "event" was directly involving web servers, which is why web services were the most seriously compromised (and still haven't completely recovered). We have created a page on this wiki with news and information on Jefferson Lab Web and file services

UGBoD Priorities

Your UGBoD can only represent you well if we know what is most important to you! Please give us a ranking (from highest to lowest importance) of the following UGBoD activities (either already ongoing or considered for the future) as well as any comments you might have:

  1. Represent Users to JLab Management - Office space, support, experiment scheduling, running, PAC policies,…
  2. Play active role in 12 GeV upgrade
  3. Play active role in EIC planning
  4. Public outreach and political advocacy; active role in organizations like NUFO, DNP, APS...
  5. JSA initiatives, prizes, awards…
  6. Anything else?

We have ongoing polls related to User Space:

Additional Space in the ARC?

There are now 36 desk stations set up in the library of the ARC building. The desks share a single, open room with relatively low "separators" between them. The plan is to use "hotelling" software to let users reserve these desks for limited stays (e.g., during the summer).


  1. Are you planning short-term visits during the summer? (UG meeting, HUGS, workshops, PAC etc.)? How many weeks?
  2. Would you be willing to use these desks in the ARC during your stay? If not, why not?
  3. What kind of design changes would you like to see to make these desks more useful?
  4. What other changes to the overall plan would you propose?
  5. Should there be some desks left open for "first come, first served" usage (single day) without reservation?