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Presently, we have two ongoing polls, both related to user space. Please respond to either or both by contacting Sebastian (kuhn-at-jlab) or filling out a Feedback Form with your comments, ideas, suggestions, preferences...

1. Additional Space in the ARC?

It appears that space in the F-wing will have to be vacated within the next few months. If you have assigned space on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the F-wing (CEBAF Center), you need to be aware that you may be asked to move within short notice. One option seems to be to make alternate space available in the ARC. See User Space for details. Please let us know how you might be affected, what solutions you would suggest, and which of the options listed below (2nd poll) would work best! Unless we hear from you, we cannot represent your interests!

2. User Space in Counting House

Jefferson Lab is planning a major renovation of the 2nd floor of the Counting House. Among other things, windows, roof, ceiling, HVAC systems, bathrooms etc. will be upgraded/repaired. The design phase for this renovation is beginning now - Kawtar Hafidi ( and Sebastian Kuhn ( are acting as User representatives to the design team. The design should be concluded by end of FY11 and the actual renovation will take place during FY12-13 (concurrent with downtime for the upgrade).

We are soliciting your ideas, requests, and concerns about this upgrade. Here are some questions you could help us with:

  1. Do you prefer small, enclosed cubicles or larger, open desk spaces (shared by whoever is present)?
  2. What are your (anticipated) needs with regard to this space? E.g., do you plan to use space during "your" experiments, or as a longer-term "office"? (Have you done so in the past?)
  3. What is the most useful addition/change you can think of? (We are aware that noise abatement and increased usability of the "conference room" are desirable).
  4. How should desks/cabinets/storage in this space be allocated? (First come/first serve? By registration - "hotelling"?) Note that we cannot ask for "permanently" assigned space for any particular users - User Space is at a premium at Jefferson Lab and will become even tighter in the future.
  5. What kind of equipment (terminals, phones,...) are necessary/desirable?
  6. Do you need lockable cabinets? Any suggestions how to minimize empty or unused storage space?

Send your comments (as soon as possible) via email to Kawtar or Sebastian or fill out a Feedback Form.