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The 2021 JSA Graduate Student Poster Competition will take place during the annual JLUO Meeting being held June 21-23 this year. Please watch the CUGA mailer to see when the competition is open and how to apply.

Past Winners & Judges

  • 2020 Winners: 1st Place: Pierre Chatagnon (Paris-Saclay), 2nd Place: Murchhana Roy (University of Kentucky), 3rd Place Iresha Harshani Senevirathne (Old Dominion University)
  • 2020 Judges: Scott Barcus, Mark Dalton, Wouter Deconinck, Sean Dobbs, Dave Gaskell, Keith Griffioen, Doug Higinbotham, Yordanka Ilieva, Sebastian Kuhn, Dave Mack, Christopher Monahan, Kostas Orginos, Will Phelps, Julie Roche, Elton Smith, and Justin Stevens.
  • 2019 Winners: 1st Place: Patrick Barry (NCSU), 2nd Place: Burcu Duran (Temple University), and 3rd Place: Sajini Wijethunga (Old Dominion University).
  • 2018 Winners: 1st Place: Mariana Khachatryan (Old Dominion University), 2nd Place: Shujie Li (University of New Hampshire), and 3rd Place: Taya Chetry (Ohio University). Honorable Mentions: Burcu Duran (Temple University) and Victoria Owen (College of William & Mary).
  • 2018 Judges: Alberto Accardi, Wouter Deconinck, Nobuo Sato, Jose Goity, Tanja Horn, Sebastian Kuhn, Simonetta Liuti, Markus Diefenthaler, Dave Mack, and Elton Smith.
  • 2017 Winners: 1st Place: Ishara Fernando (Hampton University), 2nd Place: Shuang Han (Wuhan University), and 3rd Place: Salvador Sosa (Old Dominion University).
  • 2017 Judges: Jose Alarcon, Thia Keppel, Nobuo Sato, and Elton Smith.
  • 2016 Winners: 1st Place: Abha Rajan (University of Virginia), 2nd Place: Nicholas Compton (Ohio University), and 3rd Place: John Hardin (MIT).
  • 2016 Judges: Bryan McKinnon, Dave Mack, and Andrey Tarasov.