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Monday, June 4

8:45	Welcome	Sebastian Kuhn
9:00	Science with CEBAF in the 6 GeV Era	Larry Cardman
9:45	Theory and phenomenology of TMDs	Mauro Anselmino
10:30	Coffee Break	
10:45	Applications of Nuclear Physics - Fissile Material Detection and Aneutronic Fusion Reactors	Henry Weller 
11:30	12 GeV Accelerator/Injector 	Reza Kazimi
12:00 	Lunch	
13:00	Jefferson Lab Status & Outlook 	Hugh Montgomery
13:30	Experimental Overview	Patrizia Rossi 
14:00	12 GeV Future / EIC	Rolf Ent
14:30	Searching for a New State of Matter: True Muonium	Sarah Phillips (Postdoc Prize Winner 2012)	
15:00	Coffee Break	
15:30	UG Business Meeting	Sebastian Kuhn
16:15	E2E - Engage to Excel: Overview of the Second PCAST STEM Ed Report	S. James Gates, Jr.
17:00	POSTER SESSION/Reception	

Tuesday, June 5

8:45	RHIC results on the Nucleon Spin	Renee Fatemi
9:30	Design Status of MEIC at JLab	Vasily Morozov
10:00	The Qweak Experiment	Wouter Deconinck
10:30	Coffee Break	
11:00	Preliminary Results from the Hall A g2p Experiment	Karl Slifer
11:30	Highlights of the g14/HDice run in Hall B	A. Sandorfi
12:00	Lunch	
13:00 	3D structure of the proton	Harut Avakian (APS Fellow)
13:30	Nucleon Form Factors	Vina Punjabi
14:00	2-photon experiment	Rob Bennett
14:30	Generalized Parton Distributions	Charles Hyde
15:00	Coffee Break	
15:30	Hadron Spectroscopy from Lattice QCD	Bob Edwards (APS Fellow)
16:00	Report from NSF 	Kyungseon Joo
16:30	Perspectives from the DOE Nuclear Physics Program	Tim Hallman

Wednesday, June 6

8:45	Heavy Photon searches	Matt Graham
9:15	Overview and Highlights of the JLab 6 GeV Program on Nucleon Structure Functions 	Oscar Rondon
9:45	Hadronization and Color Transparency	Hovanes Egiyan
10:15	Coffee Break	
10:45	Hadron Spectroscopy 	Ralf Gothe
11:30	$d\sigma/dt$ and SDME measurements for $\phi$ photoproduction from the the CLAS $g11a$ dataset	Biplab Dey (2011 Thesis Prize Winner)
12:00	Lunch	
13:00 	Hall D program	Curtis Meyer
13:30	Short-range structure of nuclei	Or Hen
14:00	Parity Violating Electron Scattering	Xiaochao Zheng
14:30	Deuteron Structure Studies as High Q^2	Werner Boeglin
15:00	NSAC Subcommittee on Implementing the 2007 Long-range Plan	Curtis Meyer
15:30	End of 6 GeV Party