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Currently, the JLab Users Group consists of approximately 1,239 nuclear physicists from 210 institutions. To date, 194 research proposals have been submitted, 217 have been approved and 24 have been conditionally approved. The group's membership is open to scientists and engineers interested in Jefferson Lab.


The JLab Users Group charter states that the purpose of the group is:

To encourage and assist scientists and engineers in the use of the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, to create and maintain effective channels for the exchange of information between the staff of JLab and other scientists and engineers interested in using CEBAF, to create and maintain effective methods of offering advice and counsel to the JLab management on matters of policy affecting the development and utilization of the facility, and to support, encourage, and assist in the advancement of basic scientific knowledge, and to promote the most effective utilization of CEBAF for the common good and welfare of society.