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Information related from NUFO:

  The tax information provided at [1] affects all users visiting the
  US in 2011 on a B-1, F, J-1 Visa Waiver, and other temporary visa statuses.
  This information has been provided courtesy of the Fermilab Users Executive
  Committee based on a tax presentation by KPMG.  The link above provides a
  recording of the presentation made by KPMG as well as a copy of the Power
  Point  presentation and a link to the IRS Publication 4011 for Foreign
  Students and Scholars. Additional tax-related materials are available at:
  [2] .
  Note:  KPMG materials will only be available until April 17, 2012.
  The NUFO Steering Committee

  • Here is a link to a video on the "Unexpected Tax Obligations for Foreign Nationals Visiting the U.S." (a seminar held at Fermilab)