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Wiki for the Jefferson Lab Users Group

The role of the CLAS Speakers Committee (CSC) is to supervise and promote the accurate and broad dissemination of results to the scientific community by talks from members of the CLAS Collaboration.

The CSC is appointed by the CLAS Coordinating Committee for this purpose. The organization and responsibilities of the CSC are described in details in the CLAS bylaws.

Each CLAS collaborator willing to give a talk at any scientific events MUST follow the standard procedure described on the Procedures/Forms tab to contribute in accomplishing CSC duties and achieving the mentioned goals.

You can navigate through this page by clicking on the tabs above.

NB: Outdated CSC wiki-page can be accessed in this aged_link.

In brief, IF YOU WANT TO GIVE A PRESENTATION, YOU SHOULD FOLLOW A DIFFERENT PROCEDURE DEPENDING ON THE TYPE OF THE TALK/PRESENTATION (invited, contributed or poster) and the designated event type (workshop/conference, colloquium or seminar):

  • If you want to give a CONTRIBUTED talk, university COLLOQUIUM/SEMINAR, or present a POSTER you should NOTIFY the CSC PRIOR the event's date,
  • If you want to give a CLAS SPECIFIC INVITED talk you should ask the APPROVAL of the CSC before accepting the invitation, if this was already made, or soliciting the invitation,
  • If you have been invited to give a GENERAL/OVERVIEW talk in which less than 50% of slides will be CLAS related, you DO NOT NEED an APPROVAL but you SHOULD still NOTIFY the CSC.


For any clarification on the procedure and/or assistance on submitting requests, contact the CSC secretary.

In ALL cases the results that will be shown in the talk/poster should be approved/reviewed by the relevant Physics Working Group.

Any required talk's proceedings must be reviewed and approved by the CSC before being submitted to the conference/workshop organizers. For this purpose, you should send the written proceedings to the CSC secretariat at least one week before the submission deadline.

Browse the CSC DataBase (DB) to see the list of conferences and workshops of the ongoing year, in addition to the available CLAS6/CLAS12 presentations and proceedings. The former are archived per annum in this soft link.

The DB table is structured to emphasize information about held events, speakers, talk's titles and types, associated working groups, and the approval/notification status:

  • The talk type can be General/Overview, Invited, Contributed or Poster. Every talk has its own CSC communication procedure as it is mentioned in the Procedures and Forms section.
  • The Physics Working Group can be HS (Hadron Spectroscopy), DP (Deep Processes) or NP (Nuclear Physics). Empty field indicates an Overview/General talk.
  • The Approval status for Invited talks can be "Pending" (CSC request has been submitted), "Approved" (CSC granted an approval), "Denied" (CSC did not approve the INVITED talk) and "Not Approved" (CSC request was not submitted). For Poster, Contributed and General talks, the approval status can be "CSC Notified" (CSC acknowledged talks or posters) or "CSC Not Notified" (CSC was not notified of given presentations).

An up-to-date list of talks highlighting CLAS-related results and their statistics is embedded in the table below (**). If you are aware of talks/posters that are not listed, please contact the CSC secretary.

Statistics Table

A tentative list of topics and PIs/Spokespersons to be contacted to nominate speakers for upcoming conferences/workshops is summarized in the following table. PIs topics

For a tentative list of upcoming conferences, please visit:

  1. Brag list
  2. inspire 2016, inspire 2017
  3. COMS High Energy Physics, COMS Nuclear Physics
  4. APS meetings
  5. indico conferences

Some upcoming 2017 and 2018 conferences are listed in the table below. If you are aware of any other opportunities please contact the CSC secretary. Preliminary table


An up-to-date summary of CSC activities, issues and plans can be found in the Archive of CSC Reports that are usually given at the CLAS collaboration meeting.


Past CSC meetings' minutes are saved in this archive.


The CLAS Speakers Committe consists of two members from each physics working group (PWG); one PWG representative and one alternate, and two at-large members and two alternates. The lists of current members of the CSC are given below.

Representatives: Representatives Alternates: Alternates


For information about the CSC, to "submit a notification/request an approval" of intended talks and/or submit proceedings, or to notify CSC about other talks' opportunities (conferences, meetings, workshops...etc), please contact the CSC secretary.