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The current Board of Directors includes the following individuals:

Position Name/Email Institution Area of Responsibility
Chair Haiyan Gao
Duke University
(919) 660-2622 (Duke)
Chair-Elect Larry Weinstein
Old Dominion
757-683-5803 (Old Dominion)
Vice-Chair Krishna Kumar
Stony Brook University
(919) 660-2622 (Stony Brook University)
Past-Chair John Arrington

Argonne National Laboratory
630-252-3619 (Argonne)
Director Elton Smith
Jefferson Lab
757-269-7625 (JLab)
Quality of Life
Director Nadia Fomin
University of Tennessee
865-974-1509 (University of Tennessee)
Director Garth Huber
University of Regina
306-585-4240 (Regina)
User/JLab Interaction
Director Silvia Niccolai
IPN Orsay

+33169154500 (IPN)

Foreign Visitors
Director Volker Crede
Florida State University
850-644-2423 (FSU)
Director Misak Sargsian
Florida International University
305-348-3954 (FIU)
Experiment/Theory Liaison
Director Ellie Long
University of New Hampshire
Director Holly Szumila-Vance
Old Dominion University
Graduate Students
Lorelei Chopard
Jefferson Lab
757-269-6388 (JLab)

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