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Space at Jefferson Lab is at a high premium. Users find it harder and harder to "reserve" semi-permanent office space, and during "high-occupancy periods" (e.g., summer and around PAC and conference meetings), many may not find a suitable place to sit at all. Additional strain will come from new hires and the planned renovation of the Test Lab (which contains some office space). Right now, the EEL (and its mezzanine) are being reconfigured. Nota Bene: People may have to move out of the 2nd and 3rd floor of the F-wing to make space for new Lab hires within the next few months - see "New Developments" below.

There is a plan to add a wing ("D-Wing") to CEBAF Center (probably 5 years in the future), and some space relief may eventually come from the new TEDF building. Some equipment storage will occur off-site, at least temporarily; new trailers near endstation D are also a possibility.

The upstairs of the Counting House will be upgraded in time for the start of 12 GeV- see Ongoing Polls! Here is a possible version for the layout: CountingHouse2ndFloor

We (UGBoD) are working with JLab management to find better solutions both to handling the immediate shortage and for the longer-term future (presently Kawtar and Sebastian are "in the loop", as well as Dan Carman as representative for "quality of life"). Options under discussion are larger open "pooled spaces" (desks that can be used on an "first come, first served" basis) as well as "hotelling" (making advance reservations for finite amounts of time). Your ideas, comments, and concerns are very important to help us give optimal input from the users' perspective. Please see the Ongoing Polls for further information.

New Developments:

Management is presently considering to move users out of the F-wing into a new dedicated area within the ARC building. The newest idea is to make available 36 work stations within the ARC library. Here is a possible layout: File:ARC Library Workstations.pdf An earlier idea (see Rusty Sprouse's email below) apparently didn't pan out. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to kuhn at or fill out a feedback form.

The Lab is working with the City to obtain some space recently vacated in the ARC, specifically rooms 250, 250A, and 260.

We are working to resolve space issues in CEBAF Center Wing F. With Hall D increasing in staff over the next few years and nearterm increases in other groups I am soliciting groups interested in relocating from CEBAF F Wing 2 and 3rd floors. The move could likely remain in-place until completion of 12 GeV.

The ARC space size is Rm 250 630 SF 250A 242 SF (Ideal for conference room) 260 1,658 SF

The ARC space could potentially fit:

  1. Option 1 (JLab Staff): Group Manager (242SF private office) or conference room plus ~12 staff (with 80SF workstations)
  2. Option 2 (Users): 27 Users (with 35-40SF workstations) or a few less with conference room

Provide questions and comments to myself and David Fazenbaker. We are looking to make a decision within a couple of weeks

Current F Wing 2 & 3rd floor occupants are

  • 12GeV – 15
  • CFODIV – 1 (Nanette Phillips)
  • IT Division
    • CNI – 24
    • DOCSYS – 1 (Kim Kindrew)
    • ITO – 2
    • MIS – 9
    • SCI – 10
  • Physics Division
    • DATAAC – 7
    • PADMIN – 4
    • PELECT – 6
    • PHALLA – 46
    • PHALLB – 69
    • PHALLC – 43
    • PHALLD – 13
  • ENGMGT – 1 (Ettore Salpietro)
  • FEL – 4
  • PMI – 9