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July 29, 2011

As most of you have experienced, numerous JLab computer services (including web pages, file transfers, remote login etc.) have been seriously affected by the "cyber event" since the beginning of July. Many services have now been restored. Below we collect some information we are aware of that may help users with their immediate computing needs and also give them some idea of what to expect. Please email your UGBoD representatives (Mark Ito for computing, or Sebastian Kuhn - see UGBoD Contact Information) if you have suggestions, comments or questions. Please also check out Ongoing Polls. Please note that public_html will not return in its previous form - see below for more information.

Status update by Roy Whitney as of July 29:

Most network services have been restored including most web servers, ssh, CVS, EVO, Skype, etc. Go to https://cc.jlab.org/networkstatus to see a complete list. You will need to click on the "login" link at the top right of the page, and then use your Jefferson Lab username/password to login.

The following services are still in the process of being fully restored:

Main web services

   Public Affairs is working with IT to restore access to information on the lab's website. The temporary public-facing website, which provides limited access to the lab, will be replaced with a newly designed and fully functional website. Testing has started on the new website and it could be installed in the next two-three weeks.
   The existing website is accessible from onsite, and on Monday, 8/1, the final security review of its content will be complete and a link to many pages will be placed on the temporary public-facing website.  At this time the links to the PAC, DIS, and Hall websites are available using the temporary public website. The experimental schedule can be reached at http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/physics_division/experiments/schedule.html and additional information/resources for users can be found on the temporary public website using the links available at the PAC38 web page: http://www.jlab.org/conferences/pac38.


   Currently staff and users are asked to use FTP (see next item) as a temporary workaround for public_html. By August 8, a new capability will be made available with the same functionality as public_html.  The final details of the new system are being worked with the User's IT representative from the UGBOD and representatives from Accelerator, Engineering, FEL and Physics divisions. 


   Offsite access to FTP is also now available for "getting" files.  "Putting" files requires use of SFTP.  Updated instructions are available at https://cc.jlab.org/filetransfers. BBFTP is expected to become available by August 3. 

Controls systems

   Information on remote access to controls systems will be made available as these systems are upgraded. The solutions will be put in place by the time of the end of the 6 month down or sooner as required. 

Sensitive information

   Network access for staff working with sensitive information has a number of new security controls that are specific to each work area and that are different than indicated above. Information on these areas is provided to the specific groups. 

Contact the helpdesk for any issues: helpdesk@jlab.org, 7155

Note that you can access all of your favorite JLab websites (including the "old" main page) by doing the following:

  1. ssh to login.jlab.org [need username and password; enable X11 forwarding]
  2. ssh to jlabl1 [need username and password; enable X11 forwarding]
  3. type "firefox" and go to http://www.jlab.org/

Here are some instructions on how to use BBFTP to move files from jlab to your computer - given without guarantee:

"bbftp is a lot faster that scp since it does not encrypt the data (only the password) and it uses more ports

  1. Install the client bbftp on your computer. It exists for both mac and linux


  1. Issue the command

bbftp -m -p 5 -i input.txt -u YourUserName bbftp.jlab.org where input.txt contains a list of the files and has the following syntax

mget File Destination