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Updated August 4, 2011

As most of you have experienced, numerous JLab computer services (including web pages, file transfers, remote login etc.) have been seriously affected by the "cyber event" since the beginning of July. Many services have now been restored. Below we collect some information we are aware of that may help users with their immediate computing needs and also give them some idea of what to expect. Please email your UGBoD representatives (Mark Ito for computing, or Sebastian Kuhn - see UGBoD Contact Information) if you have suggestions, comments or questions. Please also check out Ongoing Polls.

=== If you have specific issues (missing links, functionality, etc.): === ' Please contact the helpdesk': helpdesk@jlab.org, 269 7155. (Don't hold off in the hopes that "surely someone will have noticed and fix this"). If your problem has to do with missing or inappropriate website content, you can also cc Public Affairs (Dean Golembeski, deang (at) jlab.org)

Status update by Roy Whitney as of July 29:

Roy Whitney sent out a status update in an email to the list "all_jlab_accounts@jlab.org" last Friday which contains a lot of information that might be useful. You can find that email at the usual mailing list archive at https://mailman.jlab.org/pipermail/all_jlab_accounts/ .

As always, contact the helpdesk for any issues: helpdesk@jlab.org, 269 7155 . If your problem has to do with missing or inappropriate website content, you can also cc Public Affairs (Dean Golembeski, deang (at) jlab.org)

The functionality of "public_html" (where anything put in your CUE directory "username/public_html" would be available on the web under www.jlab.org/~username) will not be restored to exactly the same status as before. For various reasons, the lab wants to make sure that all users scrutinize the existing files in these directories before making them available to the WWW again. This will be accomplished by setting up a new directory structure on a server to be named "userweb.jlab.org" (please await official announcement for confirmation). All users will have to move their own files to the new structure to make them "visible" again. Details are still being discussed, but this scheme should be implemented next week.

If you encounter problems with "untrusted certificates" and the like, please take a look at https://cc.jlab.org/index.php?q=JLabCAs/

Note that you can access all of your favorite JLab websites (including the "old" main page) by doing the following:

  1. ssh to login.jlab.org [need username and password; enable X11 forwarding]
  2. ssh to jlabl1 [need username and password; enable X11 forwarding]
  3. type "firefox" and go to http://www.jlab.org/

Update 8/4: Some of the functionality of the "old" (pre-cyber event) Jlab website has been restored to a temporary address, wwwold.jlab.org . Many important services are still unavailable from the outside, e.g. MIS searches etc. - see above for a way to do those (you can also use "staff" on any JLab computer to find staff member info).

Here are some instructions on how to use BBFTP to move files from jlab to your computer - given without guarantee:

"bbftp is a lot faster that scp since it does not encrypt the data (only the password) and it uses more ports

  1. Install the client bbftp on your computer. It exists for both mac and linux -> http://doc.in2p3.fr/bbftp/
  2. Issue the command bbftp -m -p 5 -i input.txt -u YourUserName bbftp.jlab.org where input.txt contains a list of the files and has the following syntax: mget File Destination