HPS 2016 Trigger Commissioning

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Phase 0: Diagnostics

  1. One Run with Singles & Pairs Triggers
    • trigger file: HPS/Run2016/v0.trg
    • 30 minutes at any fixed current of 25 nA or greater
    • This trigger configuration should give non-zero rates for all triggers:
      • singles-0, singles-1, pairs-0, pairs-1

Phase 1: Preliminary Tuning

  1. ECal Pedestal Runs
    • About 10 minutes at each beam current:
      • 25 nA (or lower)
      • 100 nA
      • 200 nA
  2. 20 kHz Pulser Runs
    • trigger file: HPS/Run2016/pulser20kHz.trg
    • At least 100 Million events (~1 hour) at each beam current:
      • 25 nA (or lower)
      • 100 nA
      • 200 nA

Ideally the pedestal runs should be done first so that they can be used
to update the pedestals used for the 20 kHz Pulser runs. This requires
an ECal expert available, and to then update the trigger files for the
subsequent Pulser runs. If this is not the case, the Pulser runs can
be done first with the preconfigured pedestals.

Phase 2: Final Tuning

coming soon