HPS DAQ Reboot Procedure

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1. From the main HPS_EPICS screen, click DAQ Status to open the rebooting screen.

Hps epics top.png

2. From there click Reboot Full DAQ and the popup confirmation.

Hps epics fulldaqreboot.png Hps epics fulldaqreboot confirm.png

3. This will open a terminal. It may ask for clasrun's password, in which case you enter it.

Hps daq reboot 1.png

4. After rebooting the T-DAQ, press enter to proceed rebooting the SVT-DAQ (and enter clasrun's password if requested):

Hps epics svtdaqreboot confirm.png

4a. If during the SVT stages, it hangs more than a few seconds, abort with ctrl-C as instructed by the messages in the terminal, and then click "Reboot SVT DAQ" button:

Hps epics svtdaqreboot hang.png Hps epics svtdaqreboot.png

6. Restart runcontrol (it should have been killed automatically during the previous steps) in the appropriate vncviewer.

There should be a terminal open where runcontrol was last restarted, in which case you can press up to get it from the shell history and run it..

Otherwise, login as user=clasrun to clondaq3 and execute:

runcontrol -rocs -log