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RC: John Jaros

  • (757) 575-7540
  • 9 575 7540 from Counting Room

PDL: Harut Avagyan

Every Shift:

  1. Follow run plan as outlined by RC
  2. Keep shift summery up-to-date in HBLOG
  3. Document any beam condition change and send scaler GUIs to HBLOG
  4. Send "scaler_hps" GUI to logbook at least twice per shift or any time run conditions change
  5. Continuously check quality of data

Every Run:

  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d

MCC Daily Meetings

Run Plan: Dec. 8 - Dec. 10

Beamline commissioning studies using the Hall B dump, followed by studies of the ECal and Trigger. The goal is to get usable CW beam to the Hall-B dump, set up the chicane, and begin to study beam backgrounds and trigger rates.

  • Re-establish CW 1 pass beam to the Hall-B dump, setting beam to specified settings at the dump screen and the 2H02 harp. Chicane off. 5 nA.
  • Study the dependence of halo counter rates on beam position. Vary x and y of beam by +/- 7.5 mm, with beams parallel to specified settings above.

Record scaler rates, BPMs, 2H02 harp, and beam location on dump screen. Choose nominal position close to rate minimum, at old nominal, if possible.

  • With beam at nominal, set up chicane to specified currents for the -7% field point. Instructions provided in Counting House. Verify harp scan and record

location on dump screen. Tweak Frascati current if necessary, and record. Record scaler rates.

  • Ditto for -9% beam position.
  • If little change in scaler rates, use -7% setting as chicane standard. If large improvement in scaler rates in going to -9%, try -11%.
  • Select standard chicane settings.
  • Commission the HPS target, including measuring noise rates in the Ecal and halo counters vs beam current. Call Stepan before first use of target.
  • With 1.5 um Pt target, measure scalers and Ecal occ vs beam current.Record Ecal Scalers and scalaer display for each beam current.
  • If time allows, begin commissioning the Ecal and trigger with beam on target and data taking.
  • Expect beam off Tuesday day shift for machine studies. Beam recovery starts on Swing.
    • See Full PDF, Click Here
    • With any issue, contact Beamline Expert, Ecal Expert, DAQ Expert or RC.</font>
Energy ~2.0 GeV
Current < 200.0 nA CW
~0 mm ~0 mm
< 0.1 mm < 0.1 mm
#1 0 mm
PS Current 0 A
Chicane Dipole #1 0 A
Chicane Dipole #2 0 A
Configuration ___________________
Configuration file
Events Per Run
Dead Time


Run Coordinator
X - Nov 19 Stepan Stepanyan
Nov 19 - Dec 3 Nathan Baltzell
Dec 3 - 9 John Jaros
Dec 9 - 22 Takashi Maruyama
Physics Division Liaison
X - Harut Avakian