2015-May-18 Biweekly Report

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AB=Alex Bogacz, DD=Dave Douglas, CT=Chris Tennant, AC=Alex Castilla, RG=Randy Gamage, TS=Todd Satogata.

Previous two weeks:

    - Optics support (AB)
    - GlueX collaboration meeting, support McCaughan talk (TS)
  Project E
    - Running dry but trying to support halo analysis with remaining time
    - Continued halo analysis (DD, CT)
    - Cooler re-engagement, lattice resurrection (DD, CT)
    - LDRD proposal finalization (AB)
    - Seminar: Space charge challenges of MEIC (AB)
    - No progress (microbunching info from CT in hands of Rui/Yves)
    - Paper/poster prep (All)
    - Conference participation (All)
    - IPAC15 (All except CT)
    - TS: Partial FMLA May 14-15; IPAC15 Apr 29-May 8

Next two weeks:

    - Continue optics analysis (TS)
    - Evaluate Hall D optics feedback status (TS)
    - Administrate RSR, BTeam (TS)
  Project E/Darklight
    - Collaboration meeting 6/4-5 (DD, CT)
    - Continued halo, aperture analysis (DD, CT)
    - Characterize risk for fast-track EUV demo at LERF (DD)
    - Develop bunch splitting simulations, IPAC15 followup (TS, RG)
    - Cooler kick-off meeting Wed May 20 (DD, CT, TS)
    - Coupled optics/magnetized beam simulations for
      cooler/DarkLight/medical isotope ERL (DD)
    - Lattice s2e setup (CT)
    - Finish editing papers for proceedings delivery (TS)
    - Finish/circulate emittance contributed talk paper (TS)
    - CERN LHeC collaboration followup (AB)
  Community service/training/other
    - Work on overdue NIM/PRST:AB/PR reviews (deferred due to
      IPAC; DD, TS)
    - Excel training refresher (DD)
    - Thesis writing (AC)
    - DD: vacation 5/27-6/3