2015-May-18 Comp. Phys. Biweekly Report

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  • Bunched beam cooling (LD1507) on track, going well.
  • He Zhang went and gave a talk at http://www.feis-2.org/ (FEIS-2: Femtosecond Electron Imaging and Spectroscopy ) In Michigan. This is related to the use of fast multipoles and his LDRD *LD1507) . Talk was "Traceless Totally Symmetric Tensor Based Fast Multipole Method for Space Charge Field Calculation"
  • LDRD's on track. Report was submitted to Cardman. Feedback is that everything is fine.
  • Meeting with S. philpott this week for buying the quad server for use for GPT simulations.
  • Went to GPT training/talks. Interesting topics, especially how well integrated it is now with genetic algorithms.
  • Probably will want to buy another license for multi-cpu use.
  • Proposal was submitted this morning to PAC43 : "The sidereal time variations of the Lorentz force and maximum attainable speed of electrons". I am the co-spokesperson with Bogdan Wojtsekhowski .