2015-May-21 Accel R&D Biweekly Report

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Weekly Report (May 1 to 15, 2015)

Highlights on activities • All group members attended IPAC15 (two talks and over a dozen posters) • Two MEIC visitors (Kondretenko and Barber)

Slava Derbenev IPAC conference • presented poster "Scanning Synchronization of Colliding Beams in MEIC" • discussing topics of MEIC design (ion linac, boosters, beam-beam, cooling, polarization) with colleagues/experts in the fields Post-conference week • working about idea of stacking/forming ion beams in rings with coupled (circular) betatron modes as possible way to overcome space charge limit for better e-cooling and luminosity • other issues of MEIC designs have been discussed with A. Kondratenko and other colleagues of CASA

Fanglei Lin • Attended the IPAC15 at Richmond, had one talk and one poster. • Worked with Desmond Barber in understanding and establishing the code SLICK/SLICKTRACK for the study of electron polarization in the MEIC.

Vasiliy Morozov • My main activities were IPAC and working with Anatoliy on ion polarization.

Amy Sy • Presented posters on helical bunch merge and skew PIC simulations at IPAC15 • Gave contributed talk on radioisotope production using ERLs at IPAC15 • Contributed nonlinear resonance simulations to skew PIC talk at MAP Spring Meeting

Yuhong Zhang • Present 5 posters at IPAC • Had many discussions with colleagues on MEIC on various MEIC R&D topics • Working on LDRD bunched beam cooling demo project • Started organization of COOL15 workshop

Two-week look • A kick-off meeting for e-cooler • Resume of MEIC R&D meeting • A new visitor, Michael Sullivan of SLAC, will visit us on the first week of June