2015-Nov-09 Accel. Phys. Biweekly Report

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Todd Satogata

 Previous two weeks (Oct 26-Nov 9)
   - OPS: BTeam/Model meeting, operations training and engagement
   - OPS: ATLis reviews, Hall D optics ATLis, optician schedules
   - LERF: Fall two week restart/operations run (observer for a few shifts)
   - ER@CEBAF: biweekly meeting org, coordination telecons with Francois Meot
   - ODU/MEIC: Continue bunch-splitting simulations, education with Randy
   - MEIC: Simple coding simulation development for exploring gear changing
   - JACoW: Team Meeting (Nov 13-22) talk preparation
 Next two weeks (Nov 9-23)
   - JACoW: Team Meeting (Nov 13-22, Padova Italy)
   - CEBAF: AutoQuad commissioning, optics matching configuration
   - OPS: BTeam/Model meetings
   - ADMIN: Interviews (Staff I, position 11639)
   - ADMIN: Employee annual review processing

Alex Bogacz

 Previous two weeks (Oct 26-Nov 9)
   - ER@CEBAF: CEBAF ER chicane option
   - ADMIN: Tech Transfer Committee: Invention Disclosure Reviews
   - ADMIN: SBIR/STTR reviews
   - CEBAF: Restart meetings
 Next two weeks (Nov 9-23)
   - CEBAF: Startup, optics
   - ADMIN: editing JINST chapter on 'Fundamental Aspects of Muon Decay Rings'
   - ER@CEBAF: CEBAF ER transverse optics, matching to the arcs
   - ADMIN: Review  a PRST-AB paper

Dave Douglas

 Previous two weeks (Oct 26-Nov 9)
   - LERF: Fall two week restart/operations run (organization, documentation)
 Next two weeks (Nov 9-23)
   - LERF: Fall two week restart/operations run (organization, documentation),
     beam reanimation
   - LERF: energy recovery analysis for DarkLight - accommodating beam
     scattering in target (needs matching/coupling compensation as
     described above)
   - LERF: diagnostics/corrections package & operations procedures for
   - LERF: Isotope kibitzing
   - MEIC: Cooler ERL design: need spec for longitudinal phase space,
     need to determine why "real" beam comes apart

Chris Tennant

 Previous two weeks (Oct 26-Nov 9)
   - LERF: operations
   - ASML: mostly completed various aperture studies for lattice
     3.0.0, still investigating some "mysteries" in results,
     computing uBI gain in compressor arcs
   - MEIC: investigating different mysteries (i.e. understanding
     behavior of transporting a magnetized beam in TStep/PARMELA)
 Next two weeks (Nov 9-23)
   - LERF: operations
   - ASML: repeat aperture study analysis for lattice 2.1 (if
     lattice becomes available and time is available)

Randy Gamage

 Previous two weeks (Oct 26-Nov 9)
   - MEIC: Longitudinal model development, elegant/esme comparisons,
     bunch merge/split parameterization
 Next two weeks (Nov 9-23)
   - MEIC: Longitudinal model development, continue bunch merge/split
     parameterization and optimization scans