2016-Apr-29 Biweekly Report

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Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Apr 18-29)
    - OPS: BTeam, RAR, RSR meetings, prep, analysis
    - OPS: Eric Thompson, continued fopt fits, documentation
    - JLEIC: Prep bunch splitting paper for IPAC'16, split scans in esme
    - JACoW: Prep for IPAC16 student judging, JACoW meetings
    - ER@CEBAF: proposal writing, review slides/paper for Francois
    - OPS: Review papers/posters for IPAC, Open House prep/training
  Next two weeks (May 2-13)
    - IPAC16: Editorial team, student judging, JACoW meetings

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Apr 18-29)
    - ER@CEBAF: APS meeting talk/attendance
    - JLEIC: Booster studies planning, meeting, coordination
    - ER@CEBAF: Revise pathlength chicane design for 3m magnets
  Next two weeks (May 2-13)
    - OPS: Cover BTeam, operational issues
    - MUONS: Prep NuFact for IPAC'16
    - IPAC16: Attendance, space charge networking, poster prep
    - JLEIC: Booster studies planning, coordination

David Douglas

  Previous two weeks (Apr 18-29)
    - JLEIC cooler: magnetized beam transport; I wrote a little
      documentation on a simplified linac-to-arc match that seems to
      help a bit with beam quality preservation
    - DarkLight: has heated up; sent around initial optics solution and
      started in on the IR I&C. Have rough solution for upstream end;
      testing before moving to downstream transport. Met with software
      and ops folks re LED and connections amongst EPICS, codes,
      and measurements as used in the ERL.
    - Cbeta: is heating up; I'm scheduled to help with a couple
      sections on the CDR - tolerances and commissioning; working with
      Adam Bartnik on the latter
    - MSU BES proposal: is in final stages. Geoff thought up an
      additional section that is being worked
  Next two weeks (May 2-13)
    - Cbeta: Continued CDR section writing, start of advising
    - Darklight: Continued preparation for summer runs, coordination
      with LED/ops, write TN on optics design
    - JLEIC Cooler: Writing TNs on magnetized beam transport

Ed Nissen

  Previous two weeks (Apr 18-29)
    - JLEIC Beam-Beam: evaluating initial growth rates for several sets
      of initial conditions with Guinea Pig
    - JLEIC: Installed and started learning Synergia
    - OPS: Completing training
  Next two weeks (May 2-13)
    - JLEIC: Continuing to learn Synergia
    - JLEIC Beam-Beam: Research/discuss modest-energy beam-beam models
      for comparisons of validity between Guinea Pig and other codes

Chris Tennant

  Previous two weeks (Apr 18-29)
    - Project E: Finished draft note on Touschek analysis
    - Project E: Reanalyzed ubunch gains for ASML lattice (with new improved code)
    - JLEIC Cooler: S2E simulations
  Next two weeks (May 2-13)
    - Vacation

Randy Gamage

  Previous two weeks (Apr 18-29)
    - JLEIC: esme model development, bunch split optimization
    - Continue documenting results for thesis, IPAC'16 paper
    - Vacation (spring break)
  Next two weeks (May 2-13)
    - JLEIC: esme model development, bunch split optimization
    - JLEIC: Continue documenting results, review Todd's split scan
    - JLEIC: Start investigation of genetic algorithm split
      optimization (with Balsa)