2016-Aug-22 Diagnostic Development Biweekly Report

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Kevin Jordan

  • Primarily worked on getting the LERF up and running for the Dark Light run. There were numerous systems that needed repair. Additionally I worked to get the LDRD up and operational. The SBIR with RadiaBeam required fitting a fork with multiple BNNT fibers and getting it installed in the LDRD, this all went fine. I have also been working on paper and poster for IBIC as well as the final report for Pavel’s early career grant.

Joe Gubeli

  • The last two week were devote primarily to automating the upcoming HZDR experiment. Software was developed to control a filter wheel used to change the field stop of the LDRDS imager optics. Another piece of code controls a rotary motor used to exchange apodizers. The final code was completed that incorporates field stop apertures and apodizers as well as capture and store images. The final code in addition reads a text file that contains a list of the aperture, apodizer, camera gain and camera integration time settings. The code will execute each line of settings in this text file and save an image based on those settings. The latest copy of the Beamanizer code that I have was also modified to work in Labview 2015 and Vision Acquisition Software version 15.5.
  • Some time was also spent in preparing for the next Darklight run by helping with the installation of a new viewer and fixing some of the other viewers. The LERF LDRDS was also upgraded. A Cohu triggered camera was added to the LDRDS OTR imager to allow operators to use this viewer with the Beamanizer. A new fork was added to the other insertable on the LDRDS assembly containing BNNT wires. An imager to view these wires was also added.
  • Chris Gould and I aligned both cameras at 1C12 and we met with I&C to work on completing all the task remaining.

Mike Tiefenback

  • Nearly 5 days of leave during this period (birthday/anniversary/house issues)
  • Continuing work on Hall B liaison tasks with Brandi Cade on "how it works"
  • Resumed work on path length calculator update and updating Brandi on plans
  • Magnet integrator tasks: follow-on to summer project and discussions with Riad Suleiman on subtleties/errors within MDL injector dipole field map