2016-Jul-08 Accel R&D Biweekly Report

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Bi-weekly report (ended at July 8)

Slava Derbenev

  1. Continued conceptual development study of JLEIC
  2. Continued field theory study

Fanglei Lin

  • medical leave

Vasily Morozov

  1. Preparing and submitting NAPAC 16 and SPIN 16 abstracts: ion and electron polarizations, JLEIC overview, ion and electron beam dynamics simulations.
  2. Ion polarization: teleconferences with Anatoly's group, NAPAC 16 and SPIN 16 abstracts, updated work plan, translating annual report.
  3. Ion complex integration: meeting and analysis of ion beam parameters at injection into the ion collider ring.
  4. Miscellaneous: Skew PIC, interaction region, seminar committee.

Am Sy

  1. Continued work on compensation of nonlinear effects for Skew PIC channel. Decapole optimization with angular spread up to 26 mrad using both in-phase and phase-shifted decapoles.
  2. Continued ERL merger studies in G4Beamline. Comparison of transverse and longitudinal emittance growth through straight-toroid-straight sections for drift correction using dipoles and tilted solenoid coils. Will implement fringe fields for dipole components for further comparison.

Guohui Wei

  • vacation