2016-Jul-22 Accel R&D Biweekly Report

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Weekly report ended on July 22, 2016

Slava Derbenev worked on various issues for JLEIC, particularly strong cooling

Fanglei Lin • Finished a prototype of an electron collider ring optics with TME-like

  arc cells and initiated the study of the beam nonlinear dynamics.

• Started the study of the beam nonlinear dynamics in a prototype of

  an electron collider ring optics with new-magnet FODO arc cells.

• Miscellaneous: attended the bi-weekly non-linear beam dynamics

  meeting, attended the JLEIC NP oriented meeting, attended the JLEIC
  modeling meeting, attended a discussion of optimization of JLEIC luminosity.

Vasily Morozov 1. Ion polarization: collider injection lattice for spin tracking, orbit correction,

   debugging Zgoubi

2. Crab crossing: working with Salvador, planning, setting up tools and lattices 3. Miscellaneous: Skew PIC, detector region discussions, ion complex integration

Amy Sy

  • Continued work on compensation of nonlinear effects for Skew PIC channel.
  Reoptimization of octupoles due to asymmetric particle distribution. Newly
  optimized octupoles correct the average radial offset to values ~20-30% larger
  than in previous simulations. Comparison of optimized octupole values for
  particle distributions with and without momentum spread.
  • Continued ERL merger studies in G4Beamline. Studying longitudinal emittance
  growth in the presence of transverse magnetic fields.
  • Literature search on polarized ion sources in context of JLEIC required parameters.

Guohui Wei 1. Start research on Ground Motion Activities at the JLEIC 2. Submit An abstract to NA-PAC'16. 3. Vertical dispersion caused by detector solenoid and its influence on IBS life time

Yuhong Zhang

  • Participated in cooling experiment data analyses
  • Attended many meetings
  • Worked on luminosity performance without cooling
  • Worked with colleagues on various JLEIC issues (strong cooling, ground motion
  and e-ring redesign, etc.)