2016-Mar-04 Computational Physics Biweekly Report

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He Zhang:

 + Working on cooling LDRD.
 + reviewed/read literature on cooling pertinent to the simulations we are doing now
 + met with Rui Li for a detailed discussion on how to best handle the collisions for the cooling calculations.
 + working with River on the field emission simulations
going to "workshop Future Trends in Nuclear Physics Computing"" held at JLAB  from 03/16-18

River Huang:

 working on the field emission simulations

Yves Roblin:

 + Supported CEBAF accelerator running and HALL A setups.
 + preparing a talk for the APEX readiness review
 + preparing and organizing meetings about  modeling tools one should use (and their adequacies, do they meet the needs) for EIC
 + attended meeting on machine layout and beamline optics management for JLEIC.
 + reviewing cooling literature, list of parameters we are currently using and writing a spreadsheet to check for self-consistency between them.
 + Supporting UITF for translation of optics decks and import into CED.