2016-May-17 Biweekly Report

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Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (May 2-13)
    - JLEIC: Finish/submit bunch splitting paper for IPAC'16
    - JACoW: IPAC'16 editing, student poster judging, meetings
    - JLEIC: Ji Qiang meet @IPAC re beam-beam collaboration
    - ODU: Suzie Sheehy meet @IPAC re resonance crossing studies
    - OPS: Open House volunteerism
    - ER@CEBAF: Proposal preparation
  Next two weeks (May 16-27)
    - OPS: Machine restart, RAR, BTeam, daily meetings
    - OPS: SRF paper writing, StayTreat organization
    - ER@CEBAF: Proposal writing/organization, meeting
    - ADMIN: Steve Peggs visit May 18-20, writing
    - OPS: SULI student prep
    - OPS: Eric Thompson meetings, documentation, summer prep

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (May 2-13)
    - JLEIC/Muons: Paper writing for IPAC'16, attend IPAC'16
  Next two weeks (May 16-27)
    - ADMIN: Phys Rev article review
    - LHEC: Edit ICFA article on "Novel Lattices for LHeC"
    - USPAS: Lecture prep for summer teaching

David Douglas

  Previous two weeks (May 2-13)
    - DarkLight: I&C layout, LED integration
    - Project E: Aperture work-through, to be refined with Chris
    - MSU/ODU BES proposal: wrap-up and delivery
    - Cbeta: Start detailed CDR writing, S2E discussion w/Chris Mayes
  Next two weeks (May 16-27)
    - DarkLight: Continued layout, lattice coordation May 16-18
    - Vacation: May 19-23
    - Cbeta: Cornell visit May 24-27, CDR writing

Ed Nissen

  Previous two weeks (May 2-13)
    - JLEIC: Continuing to install/learn synergia (postprocessing)
    - JLEIC: Beam-beam presentation prep, delivery at weekly R&D
    - JLEIC: Guinea Pig investigations re low-energy modeling fidelity
  Next two weeks (May 16-27)
    - JLEIC: Continuing to learn Synergia, get postprocessing working
    - JLEIC Beam-Beam: Research/discuss modest-energy beam-beam models
      for comparisons of validity between Guinea Pig and other codes

Chris Tennant

  Previous two weeks (May 2-13)
    - Project E: Finished final TN on Touschek analysis
    - Project E: Reanalyze ubunch gains ASML lattice (with new code)
    - JLEIC Cooler: S2E simulations with real front-end distributions
    - Vacation
  Next two weeks (May 16-27)
    - Project E: Orbit correction algorithm definition, development
    - DarkLight: LERF startup, LED integration
    - DarkLight: Test CSU orbit correction algorithms at LERF
    - JLEIC Cooler: Merger design and development

Randy Gamage

  Previous two weeks (May 2-13)
    - Documenting results for thesis, finish IPAC'16 paper
    - USPAS: Start reviewing class notes/homework for Krafft/Bogacz TA
    - JLEIC: Start investigation of genetic algorithm split
      optimization (with Balsa)
  Next two weeks (May 16-27)
    - USPAS: Continue reviewing class notes/homework for Krafft/Bogacz TA
    - JLEIC: Continue investigation of genetic algorithm split
      optimization (with Balsa)
    - JLEIC: revisit Todd's split scan results from IPAC'16 paper